Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common answers to a few common questions...

What is the cost of a complete restoration? Prices for restorations vary based on scope and condition of the moped. While we like to salvage and reuse as many original parts as we can, this isn't always viable. All restorations are labor and parts intensive. Because the scope varies, its best for us to see the moped beforehand to fully asses what all will need done.

Do you purchase mopeds? Yes, we purchase mopeds. For us to consider a purchase, the moped must have the original Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate affixed. Value of the moped will be determined based on condition, completeness, and running condition.

Are your moped prices negotiable? To an extent, yes. Our inventory frequently changes as does demand of certain mopeds based on time of year and condition.   

Do you accept trades? Depending on the type and condition of your moped, we will consider a trade-in value against one of our mopeds.

What type of moped should I purchase as a first one? We like to keep a variety of affordable commuter mopeds along with rare and special edition mopeds. Whether you're a first time rider looking for economical urban transportation, leisurely rippin', or a collector, we can help provide you with suitable options.

Do you ship mopeds? Shipping is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Once a moped leaves our facility, we are no longer responsible for it. We will work with whatever shipping arrangements you make. We highly recommended using FedEx or UPS freight for insured, trackable shipping, however we will work with verified UShip transporters at customer discretion.

What are the requirements for riding a moped in Colorado? All of our mopeds are less than 50cc unless specifically stated in the description. In Colorado, a valid Driver's License must be held by the operator. No title, registration or insurance is required by the State of Colorado.

I live outside Colorado and my state of residence requires a title to register it. Can you provide the title? Most mopeds were never issued a title when they were new. As a result, most all of them have never been titled. To help with your registration process, we will provide a notarized Bill Of Sale with your moped.